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Motorsport Powder Coating

Sorry, we don’t do patio furniture.


If it moves you, we’re in!

At Official Powder Coating we’ve been involved with lots of different projects of our own from custom Harley’s to an LS swapped 1975 Datsun 280Z to a BMW 135i that has been “lightly” modified. It’s what we dig and it’s what we do. We also know that it needs to look as good standing still as it does blasting down the road, track, dirt or across the water.

You won’t find us doing anything with Mrs. Johnson’s patio furniture or wall hanging nick-knacks. Sorry, we don’t do patio furniture. We ONLY powder coat parts that belong on things that move us both physically and emotionally. This allows us to provide the best service and quality of finish to keep your pride and joy looking it’s best. If you look good, we look good!

We are motorsport people. Always have been and always will be.

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